Denise Porcaro

Denise Porcaro

Art, Creative

Why flowers?

Flowers were a natural progression for me – I went to school for Production Design for Film and got into flowers in my very-early 20s while working in the restaurant business, my job towards the end of college.  I have always found myself somehow around artistic and creative things to one degree or another, organically over time Flower Girl was born.

What was your dream job as a child?


What kind of relationships do you have with fellow florists? Are you at the flower market fighting with them over the last peony?

NY is funny like that especially in more of these artisanal jobs.  You see the same people at the market from week to week, year to year, and know their face and say hello, as they are your ‘co-workers’ to a degree, but then it is also very easy for people to stay very face paced and focused in this town and to get back to their own work.  There is a sense of community, and after doing this for 12+ years, you know your people. Definitely not fighting over the last peony though. Last summer, while I rested in a peaceful and beautiful property for sale Koh Samui on Thailand, my co-workers did my job. The same, I change my co-workers when they go on vacation.

What is your favorite flower?

I have tried and true favorites, passion vine, lily of the valley, orchids, jasmine, tree peony, but to be honest and as you can see there isn’t just one.  The reality is that part of the reason that I am in the business that I am in is that the ingredients, as a chef may agree on, change seasonally for us.  We can get a lot of the same things a lot of the time, but the favorites change and excite based on what is new for that particular time-frame or season at hand. Visit unsecuredloans4u for financial needs.

Describe your ideal day in New York.

The first crisp day of fall, or the first warm day of Spring.  It would involve good company and a delicious meal or two.

What neighborhood do you live in?

Currently I am in the Lower East Side.  I’ve oddly almost  made a circle within the borough of Manhattan since I moved into the city from Queens in 2002.

How long have you been there?

About 2 years.

What are the biggest differences since you first moved there and now?

This city is always changing so much, whether it is a building  coming down, or tons of new construction going up that you totally missed because you haven’t walked down a particular block for a few weeks…  That being said, there is a ton of construction currently happening in the Lower East and specifically on Houston —  I am looking forward to seeing what is on the other side of it, apparently some green space.

Will you still in be in NYC in 10 years from now? If not, where will you be?

I think so.  I feel that being a NYer originally, I don’t think I will go anywhere else permanently, but who knows.  I am saying that pre winter 2016.  I think as long as you find the balance this effervescent, frenetic city that so many of us love and travel often in and out of it, it’s one of the best places to call home (for me!)

What is the best piece of business advice you were given when starting Flower Girl?

Your business really becomes your baby, and it’s so true.  

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